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Tanning Beds For Sale

Charming Cherry

Generous dimensions combined with full tanning power make this sunbed irresistible to even the most experienced tanners. The L-65 will also charm your customers with its high-end design and seductive comfort.

UV Technology

• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
• 46 x 160 Watt Turbo Power UV Lamps
• 3 x 500 Watt Ultra Performance High-Pressure Facial Tanners
• Reflex Neck Tanner
• Optional: Vertical Spaghetti Lamp Shoulder Tanner


 Finish in Sophisticated High-Gloss and Matte Combination
 Two Lighting Elements in Charming Cherry Design
 Interior Lighting
 Full Air Conditioning
 Soltron Fan with Additional Face Ventilation
 Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display
 Infrared (IR) Interface
 Optional: Stereo Sound System


Electrical Specs

• Total Power Consumption: 13,700 watts
• Electrical Requirements: 230V 3
or 1
• Circuit Breaker: 50A/3-pole 3or 80A/2-pole 1
• Number of Wires: 4/3or 3/1