XXL-95 Kiwi King

Party like a rock star with the Soltron XXL-95 Kiwi King! This all high-pressure sunbed provides a regal experience with its luxurious size, ultra powerful tanning performance, comfortable airflow, open design and stereo sound. Make the Kiwi King part of your castle and treat your customers like royalty!

UV Technology

• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
• 27 x 580 Watt VIT Max High-Pressure Body Units
• 3 x 640 Watt Ultra Performance Facial Tanners



 Finish in Sophisticated High-Gloss and Matte Combination
 Thematic Decal in Kiwi King Design
 Open Design with Ambient Lighting
 Multi Comfort Base Acrylic
 Soltron Fan Plus (Foot Fan with Additional Face Ventilation)
 Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display
 Infrared (IR) Interface
 Stereo Sound System with MP3 Player Connection


Electrical Specs

• Total Power Consumption: 21,500 watts
• Electrical Requirements: 230V 3
or 1
• Circuit Breaker: 70A/3-pole 3or 130A/2-pole 1
• Number of Wires: 4/3or 3/1


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