M-55 Queen Berry

Just like a true monarch the M-55 Queen Berry is powerful, luxurious and beautiful. Yet its price is very down-to-earth. With its combination of UV performance, comfortable features and class-leading design, your customers will be treated like royalty.

UV Technology

• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
• 42 Turbo Power UV Lamps (160W  Canopy and 180W in Base)
• 4 x 400 Watt PSR/Soltron2 High-Pressure Facial Tanners


 High-Gloss Metallic Finish
 Lighting Element in Queen Berry Design
 Interior Lighting
 Base Acrylic Air Conditioning
 Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display
 Infrared (IR) Interface
 Optional: Stereo Sound System with MP3 Player Connection

Electrical Specs

• Total Power Consumption: 11,500 watts
• Electrical Requirements: 230V 3
or 1
• Circuit Breaker: 40A/3-pole 3or 70A/2-pole 1
• Number of Wires: 4/3or 3/1

tanning beds for sale
tanning beds for sale