55 Racer

The new M-55 Racer features the same eye-catching styling and fascinating LED Light Show as the M-60 Jump model. While tanning technology has also been enhanced on the M-55 Racer.

With 38 Smart Performance UV lamps and three Ultra Performance facial tanners. For comfort, the comfort cooling system, ergonomic base acrylic and stereo sound system with MP3 player connection round-out an already amazing tanning bed.

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tanning beds for sale
tanning beds for sale
tanning beds for sale

UV Technology

  • 12 minute maximum exposure schedule

  • 38 x 160/180 watt Dynamic Performance body lamps

  • 3x 400 watt Ultra performance Plus Facial tanner with 2, 8 watt Spaghetti lamps


Comfort Features

Bodyform Plus acrylic
Stereo sound system with MP3 player dock-in, SD card slot, headphone connection socket, channel selector and volume control

Body Cooling with Separate base acrylic cooling
1-system body ventilation, variable with air conditioning

Additional face ventilation



Control panel with 4-field LED display

Interface for service

Check control for diagnosing main alert messages

Automatic reset function after tanning session

Electrical Specs

• Total Power Consumption: 11,200 watts
• Electrical Requirements: 230V 3
or 1
• Circuit Breaker: 40A/3-pole 3or 70A/2-pole 1
• Number of Wires: 4/3or 3/1